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Helping Kids Fight Obesity

In the US and many other countries, childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic. Childhood obesity is a serious issue because children who are overweight and obese are more likely to develop a variety of serious diseases. If you're a parent to an overweight or obese child, there are several things you can do to help. Below are suggestions on how you can help your child be more active and at a healthy weight.

Get your child to be a lot more active by scheduling healthy family activities regularly. The whole family will benefit from this, not just your child. Take this as an opportunity for everyone in the family to bond and get healthy. Try going on hikes on weekends. Other activities you can get your child engaged in are biking and swimming. Dogs can also provide a good excuse for exercise, and they can be included in family adventures. If you go on a family vacation, make sure to incorporate physical activities, not just sitting for hours in the car or riding in a tour bus. Doing healthy physical activities together as a family is a wonderful way you can encourage your child to develop healthy habits.

The best way you can teach your child to be healthy is to set a good example yourself. Your child will have a hard time getting down to a healthy weight if you or someone in the family is overweight. If this is how it is for your family, it's a good idea to make weight loss a mission for the whole family. You can use this as an excuse to spend time together and engage in regular exercise. If your child sees that you don't care about your health, you can't expect him or her to acquire healthy habits. Your child is going to follow your lead so if you aren't showing your child healthy habits, he or she won't be developing healthy habits.

For so many years, it has been believed that milk is healthy and should therefore be part of every person's diet. Today, you can find many differing opinions about milk and other dairy products. If your child is overweight, drinking too much milk and milk based products can be a problem.

Most children are told to drink lots of milk and it's one habit they're likely to stick with even if milk isn't good for them. Chocolate milk isn't healthy either. Low fat yogurt is a good substitute, as this is a good source of protein and calcium but with fewer calories and less fat. If you'd rather not eliminate milk from your child's diet, at least limit the amount of milk and milk-based products that your child consumes.

Know that if your child is overweight, you can do a number of things to help your child. We've shared a few strategies you can use to help your child. Don't hesitate to talk to a pediatrician if you're not quite sure if your child has a weight problem or if his or her weight gain is just a normal part of his or her development. Children don't become overweight or obese overnight, and you need to remember that when you are working with your child to get to a heavy weight; [read] your child won't arrive at a healthy weight just as quickly.

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